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About us - and the Amilago name

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"Amilago" is derived from "Friends of the lake" in Italian.

The name “Amilago” is a blended abbreviation of “Amici del Lago” – Italian for “Friends of the lake”.

Despite the name and the Italian origins, the Owner ( Soren Jung) is Danish.

It started as an idea to promote articles of Italian origin in a cooperation with friends residing near the scenic lake “Lago Maggiore” in Northern Italy.

That venture never really took off, but the name stuck – and has been used since 1997 for the Owner’s websites.

It was first a Danish domain, as but changed in 2000 to, still with mostly local content and a very 1990’s look 🙂

The name was also used for a Consulting activity in the Netherlands from 2012 to 2015.

In 2013 posted Excel material related to Pivot tables and a couple of templates.

It is pretty narrow, but some of the tips for including new information to data listings through formulas is not seen that often.

And maybe some might like the Yahtzee game on Excel.

So we keep it, because the domain name is up anyway – used for communication more than 2 decades.

The current version of the site is an updated design from 2023.

A very early and different version:

Picked up from the “Wayback Machine” of the Internet Archive.

A mixed bag of subjects, one segment in Danish and another in English.

Screenshot of landing page in 2000 in 2000

Lago Maggiore

Map of Northern Italy, with Lago Maggiore
Lago Maggiore, Italy

View on Google Maps

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