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Excel fun and Data analysis

Do you have a lot of data, but don't know how to make sense of it?

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that can be used to analyze data and extract insights that you never thought possible.

Video lessons, tips, and free templates

Excel can be used to analyze financial data, sales data, customer data, and much more.

See a few examples of how Excel can produce powerful summaries and analysis of data stored in a spreadsheet.

Many individuals and  companies collect and store large amounts of data. But it is not always used in an inspirational manner to gain new angles and perspectives which are often extractable from the underlying data.

Or the available data may just miss some specific information of interest.

We will show you how

We find ways to produce that information from the available data, and then start “twisting the Data Cube” to find new ways to see and understand your interest or business.

Our video lessons will guide you through the basics.

Charts from Excel printed on paper
Data visualized in Charts

Excel fun and games

There is also a template for pure entertainment – to play Yahtzee in Excel.

Plus a novel way to assign subtotals in our template “Excel Colourfunction”.

Visit our pages today to learn more about how to use Excel to get insights from your data.
And see some entertaining uses.

Twist the Data cube

Cube Red_on_Blue_White